Why Wear a Neck Gaiter When Fishing?

why where a neck gaiter when fishing?

If your headed to do some warm or cold water fishing, it doesn't matter. Don't forget your Neck Gaiter, they are used to keep your face warm, shield your face from the sun so that you don't get sun burnt and have many other uses.

Neck Gaiters, or Multi-Use Neck Gaiters are great for when you're going to spend hours on the water fishing or just outdoors. When fishing, the sun reflects off of the water at your face and your face isn't shielded from your hat when it reflects off of the water. A Neck Gaiter can offer the perfect protection from the sunlight. 

The Neck Gaiter is exactly what it sounds like, its worn around your neck to cover the skin to help avoid getting sunburned while out on the water. As a fisherman, i've found that your neck is one of the most exposed part of your body while fishing. You can wear gloves to cover your hands, hat to cover the top of your head, glasses to cover your eyes, long sleeve shirts to cover your arms and pants to cover you legs, but your neck is normally uncovered from the sun.

Some may say neck gaiters look a bit strange, but they are very comfortable to wear and help to protect your skin from serious sun or wind damage. I've even found that I use them when we are driving the boat around to blog my face from the cold wind.

how to wear a neck gaiter

Here are just a few ways that you can wear your neck gaiter.

  • half mask - this will cover half of your face, typically from your nose down. 
  • hood - this will cover your whole neck but then wraps around the top of your head. 
  • facemask - this covers your whole face and your neck.
  • neck gaiter - this will cover around your neck only. 
  • beanie - covers the top of your head and some will wear it under a hat.
  • headband - will cover your forehead and part of your neck, it helps to keep you cool.
  • bandana - will cover the forehead and back of the head.
  • hair tie - helps to keep your hair up.
  • wristband - helps to cover your wrist, but is a great place to put it while you are not wearing it so you don't lose it. 
  • balaclava - this will cover your entire neck, bottom half of your face and top back of your head.

Each of these have their own benefits while outdoors. The Neck Gaiter helps to protect the skin while outdoors, your face, neck and head. Neck Gaiters can also be used to help shield from the wind when its cold outside. The Neck Gaiters are light weight and breathable.