Two Rocks Gives Back

10-33 foundation - 1st responders to 1st responders charity organization

At Two Rocks Fishing, we support our First responders and have decided to donate a 10% of our profits from every order sold to the 10-33 Foundation. We feel this will help us do our part in the community by serving our first responders in a time of need. 

You can read more information about the 10-33 Foundation by clicking here

What is the 10-33 Foundation?

The 10-33 Foundation is made up of current and former first responders, military personnel & their spouses, and mental heath professionals who understand the unique personal and professional challenges faced by first responder. 

 The 10-33 Foundation is staffed by current and former first responders, military members, and their families who understand firsthand the struggles of living in these career fields. We have compassion for those living this life and our missions is to offer assistance through education and crisis intervention services to provide tools to help them secure healthier lives, marriages, and careers.

If you would like to make a direct donation to the 10-33 Foundation, you can do that on their home page, by clicking here