Our Founder

Two Rocks Fishing founder Dave Supinger

Meet the founder of Two Rocks Fishing, Dave Supinger. He's been an avid fisherman since he was a little kid, and Dave spends lots of time fishing from Utah to California. Dave will fish for just about anything, but he mainly fishes for Trout and Bass.

You can follow his fishing journey on the app FishBrain, where he posts pictures of all the fish and places he has caught them. Dave started using FishBrain in 2022 to log his catches. Dave tries to release the fish he has caught wherever possible because he feels it allows the sport to keep going for years to come.

Dave has a passion for saltwater fish and has had fish tanks with saltwater fish for years ranging from a 6 ft long 220-gallon tank to a 10-gallon smaller tank. He says he loves watching how the fish swim around and interact with each other and how they all have different purposes and personalities as fish.

Dave remembers spending countless hours at the side of ponds and lakes fishing with his dad and brother. Sometimes they caught a lot of fish, and other times they didn't catch anything. But that wasn't what always mattered. It was the quality time that they spent with each other while learning to fish from their dad. Dave says his dad would always tell them stories about his Grandpa Joe and how he taught him how to fish.

The Story Behind Two Rocks Fishing

As I grew up, my Grandpa, Joe Supinger, would always jump at the opportunity to go fishing. We would visit Discovery Bay every summer together and fish, which was always a blast. My grandpa had his spot where he would always catch fish, and we always felt special when he would have us fish his areas because we always caught fish in his fishing spots.

Two Rocks Fishing Strawberry Reservoir

My grandpa passed away suddenly in 2018, and shortly after that, I started dealing with Panic Disorder. It was one of the hard times of my life, and during that time, I decided that I wanted to build a business around something that I have always enjoyed to push me out of my comfort zones and spend time outdoors like I used to enjoy. I was also missing my grandpa and struggling with the reality that he had passed. I have always looked up to my grandpa and was sad that he didn't get to meet my sons and won't get to meet my future kids.

So I went to the drawing board and started brainstorming names for this new business I wanted to create. I spent a great deal of time brainstorming names, but nothing felt right. I probably came up with a dozen names I thought I would like and quickly realized I didn't like them. Around this time, my dad purchased a new Lund fishing boat and had been asking me to go fishing. 

Due to the pandemic, I hadn't left my house in almost a year and was very nervous about going. I also missed out on the trips before this one and wanted to push myself to make it. My uncle was flying into town to go fishing with us. So my uncle flew into town, and we took a trip up to Strawberry Reservoir, Utah, to fish for a few days. While fishing, we would come up with names for different areas to help us remember those areas we liked to fish. We found an area that had two rock piles cross from each other, and named it Two Rocks.

Two Rocks at Strawberry Reservoir Utah

Over the next handful of fishing trips to Strawberry, my dad and I continued to fish Two Rocks because we had caught so many fish in that area. On some trips, we would spend the whole day fishing at Two Rocks, all 8-12 hours. We would leave at 5 am, drive an hour and a half to Strawberry and fish till 6-9 pm (depending on how the fish were biting or if we just needed that "one last fish"), pack the boat and be on the road getting home around 11 pm or later.

When we first started fishing at Two Rocks, we would catch 1-5 fish each in one day of fishing. We quickly learned how to feel the bite, what baits worked best, what colors to use, and what type of pole and line you needed. We quickly started catching 10-15 up to 25 fish each, every trip. We began bringing neighbors and friends and would teach them what we learned. Even the inexperienced fishermen would catch at least five fish in a day of fishing with what we taught and showed them.

Two Rocks Fishing Logo

At this time, I continued to look at different names for my newly created company, and it dawned on me, Two Rocks, so I named the company Two Rocks Fishing. I had chosen the perfect name that worked for what I was trying to accomplish. Two Rocks is where we have caught hundreds of fish and my dad and I's "spot." Not only did fishing help me get out to enjoy the outdoors, but it also helped me overcome my Panic Disorder and enjoy life again. Then, Two Rocks helped me to feel closer to my grandpa and build something that would bring people together through fishing. I then created Two Rocks Fishing in 2022.

I then started working on products and started manufacturing and sourcing products I often use while fishing. I began manufacturing neck gaiters, then moved into soft plastics, baits, and clothing with plans to move into electrolyte supplements to keep you hydrated while fishing or outdoors.

Two Rocks Fishing Gives Back

Joe Supinger Air Force

My grandpa always gave to others in need and never wanted recognition for it; he just did it everywhere he went. I remember he would always talk to people to brighten their day. Whether at the grocery store, gas pump, or even fishing, he would go out of his way to make people smile.

Remembering this made me feel I wanted to donate a portion of the profits to first responders because my grandpa served in the Air Force. So I decided to contribute to the 10-33 Foundation, which supports first responders in need.

You can read more information about the 10-33 Foundation on our Two Rocks Gives Back page.

 More About Grandpa Joe

Grandpa Joseph Supinger and Grandma Yvonne Supinger

I remember hearing stories about how much my grandpa loved to fish, which he passed down from generation to generation. But one story that stuck out in particular that we have all laughed about was when my grandma was pregnant with my uncle. My grandpa wanted to go fishing for a bit, and my grandma was with him and said she would wait in the car while he walked down the hill to fish. My grandma told him that she would honk the horn if she needed him.

Well, my grandma ended up going into labor while my grandpa was out fishing. She started honking the horn, and my grandpa couldn't hear it. So when he eventually started heading back to the car, he could hear the car horn in the distance and hurried over to the car to find my grandma upset and in labor. We joked, saying, did he not hear my grandma honking, or did he just need to fit in that "one last cast"?

Grandpa Joe also liked to joke with everyone and make them think he caught a fish when it was super slow, or when you would be talking with him. He would make a gasping noise, shake his pole, and jump forward as if he had a fish on. It got us every time, even though we knew he would do that. We always looked forward to fishing with Grandpa. 

He also had a saying that he would repeat to us every time we started to fish, he would say, "Remember, it's $1 for whoever gets the first fish, most and largest". We always had fun making it a little competition between us, and most of us would shoot for the first fish because we knew nobody could take that record away from us.

Grandpa Joe Supinger Bass Fishing

Eventually, my grandpa took us all to the Wente Scout Reservation in Willits, California, where he took my uncles growing up for Boy Scout trips. He made this a fun weekend fishing trip for all of us guys. We all had so much fun that the trip turned into a yearly fishing trip.

In 2017 my grandpa was diagnosed with lung cancer and had surgery to remove it. When he showed up for his yearly checkup in 2018, he found that it had come back and had spread throughout his lungs. He didn't have much longer to live, but we tried to make the best of it and make sure he got to go fishing a few more times.  

Grandpa Supinger and dad fishing in Oregon.

In 2022, I created Two Rocks Fishing in memory of my grandpa and the fishing legacy he left. We talked about how my grandpa would have loved to fish at Strawberry Reservoir, so we decided to make another guy's fishing trip in his memory.

We all got together in September of 2022 for the fishing trip, and it was a trip to remember. We all felt that my grandpa was there fishing with us. It was the best weekend of fishing we've had at Strawberry ever. We had fished Strawberry Reservoir probably 50+ times over the last year and a half and have yet to catch that many fish.

We averaged 17 fish per day per person that fished, with a total of 391 fish caught between 13 of us! The boat record for the most fish caught in one day was also broken that weekend, with 60 fish caught by my dad. It was a trip for the books.