Tube Fishing Tricks for More Bass

Tube Fishing Tricks for More Bass

Tube fishing is one of the most effective ways to catch bass, but it takes a bit of know-how to get it right.

You don’t need fancy lures or expensive equipment to catch a big haul of bass. All you need is the right technique and some good advice from an expert.

In this blog post, we’ll cover all the tube fishing tricks and tips you need to know so you can start catching more bass right now.

Choose the Right Color and Size

The first step in successful tube fishing is choosing the right color and size for your lure.

Different colors will work better at different times of day—for example, brighter colors such as chartreuse tend to work better during the day, while darker colors like black can be used at night.

As for size, you should use a smaller tube if there are smaller baitfish in the area; likewise, larger tubes will be more effective when there are larger baitfish in the vicinity.

Know Where to Fish

It’s also important to know where to to fish when using a tube lure.

Bass prefer shallow water with plenty of covers such as weeds, trees, rocks, or logs—so make sure you’re casting your line in areas that meet these criteria.

Additionally, try targeting areas with structural changes or current breaks since these places can often hold large concentrations of bass.

Go Slow & Steady

When fishing with a tube lure, it’s important not to move too quickly since this can spook the fish away.

Instead, move slowly and steadily through the water—this will give you more time for the lure to reach its target depth as well as give any nearby fish more time to see (and hopefully bite) your bait.

Additionally, be sure to vary your retrieve speed occasionally so that you don’t become predictable and boring—this will help keep fish interested in your offering.

Final Words

Tube fishing is an effective way to target bass if done correctly.

By following these tips and tricks on choosing lures correctly, knowing where to cast your lines, moving slowly through the water, and varying retrieve speed periodically - you'll increase your chances of catching more bass next time out on the water.

With some practice and patience (and maybe a few lucky strikes!), soon enough you'll be reeling in big hauls like never before.