4 Of The Best Ways to Rig Tube Baits

4 of the best ways to rig tube jigs

Fishing with a tube jig is an effective way to bass and trout fish. It’s an easy technique that even novice anglers can master quickly. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to rig your tube baits and how you can use this method to increase your chances of catching more fish.

What You'll Need

For this task, you'll need a few things to get started. First, you'll need to get your hands on a package of tube jigs and tube jig hooks. These can be found in most tackle stores or online. You'll also need some fishing line for attaching the tube bait to the jig head. Choose a strong and durable line for the type of fish you are looking to catch. Lastly, don't forget to bring along a pair of scissors or something to clip the fishing line when securing the knot. Now that you have all the necessary items, let's get started!

Different Ways to Rig Your Tube Jig

There are a few different ways to rig your tube jig, we are going to review the most common ways to rig your tube. With the right setup, you can get your tube to attract those bigger fish or types of fish you are fishing for. The most common way to rig the tube is just with a tub jig head.

The second is by using a Dropshot. The Dropshot is good when you have a long rod and use a braided line. Don't overwork the bait when using this method because you can scare off a fish. This is typically used to drag along the bottom.

The third is the Carolina Rig is not used as much but is great for small and large-mouth bass. You'll have a two to three-foot leader. You'll just drag that along the bottom and you don't need to add much action, just keep dragging it along the bottom. This method is very sensitive and easy to feel the fish bite.

The last method is the Texas Rig. This is one of the deadliest ways to rig a tube jig. This is great around wood, heavy grass and places that could get caught. You'll typically have the hook in the jig with the weight on your line for this method.

No matter which method you choose, make sure you tie a good knot that won’t slip or come undone. Good luck!

Method 1: Rigging using the Tube Jig Method

This method is pretty simple, you'll get one method, tube jig head and one tube jig from your tackle to rig this. You'll want to take the tube jig head and slide it up the skirt of the jig. Depending on the size of the tube you are using, the eye of the tube jig head may not reach the top of the tube, but that is okay. You will poke the eye of the tube jig head out of the side of the tube jig where you will tie your line. In this method, the weight will be on the inside of the tube jig and is a super simple way to rig the tube jig.

This method works great for Bass and Trout fishing, but one downfall is if you are fishing in a grassy area, your tube jig can get caught in the grass or on logs with the hook out the side. One tip is you can tip your hook with a worm for added action and scent.

Method 2: Rigging using the Dropshot Method

This method involves attaching a weight to the fishing line and suspending it from your tube jig, which will keep it suspended off the bottom. To do this, attach a dropper loop of your desired length to your fishing line, then thread your tube jig onto the end. Attach a small fishing weight to the other end of the dropper loop, and adjust the distance between your weight and your tube jig until you reach the desired depth. The weight should be light enough that your tube bait won't drag too much, but heavy enough to keep the bait suspended off of the bottom.

Method 3: Rigging using the Carolina Rig

You'll start with making a two to three-foot leader of line. You'll add your bullet weight to the line that is attached to your pole, then add a bead to protect your line when the weight is moving back and forth. Next, you will add a swivel and tie your leader to this swivel. You'll have your hook with your tube jig attached to the end of the leader. This method isn't as commonly used by Anglers but is another great way to rig your tube jig.

Method 4: Rigging using the Texas Rig

This is one of the most common ways to rig a tube jig other than threading the tube jig head through the tube jig in the first method. In this method, you will line up the tube jig with your bait. You will put the hook in through the top of the tube jig and angle it out the side, you will thread your whole hook through, turn around the jig and it will now have the eye of the hook at the front of the jig and the hook will show you where the hook will go into the tube jig. You'll bend the tube jig and thread that hook onto the bait. You want to make sure your hook is parallel with the tube jig.

Pro-tip, push the point of the hook back into the tube jig slightly so it doesn't get caught on heavy grass and in areas that will be difficult to retrieve. You can use this method under logs, around rocks and in heavy grass to not get stuck. You can also add a bullet weight if desired for more weight, but it can be fished with just the hook and tube jig.


Tube baits and tube jigs are some of the most effective fishing tools for catching a variety of fish. By following the steps above, you can learn how to rig your tube bait and tube jig for the best possible results. With the right knowledge and preparation, you can maximize the effectiveness of your tube bait or tube jig and land more fish.

Fishing tube baits and tube jigs can be a great way to have fun and land some big catches!