The Art of Bass Fishing with Tube Jigs

the art of bass fishing using tube jigs

Tube jigs are a popular and effective lure for catching bass, and mastering the art of using them can greatly improve your success on the water.

In this article, we'll go over the basics of fishing with tube jigs, including how to choose the right one, how to rig them, and some tips and techniques for using them effectively.

Choosing the Right Tube Jig

When it comes to tube jigs, size and color are the two most important factors to consider.

As a general rule, smaller tube jigs are better for catching smaller bass, while larger ones are more effective for larger bass.

As for color, it's important to choose a tube jig that closely matches the forage in the body of water you're fishing.

For example, if the bass are feeding on crawfish, a natural-colored tube jig with red flakes or a brown/orange color scheme would be a good choice.

Rigging a Tube Jig

There are a few different ways to rig a tube jig, but the most common method is to use a jighead. To do this, simply slide the tube jig onto the jighead, making sure the jighead is fully seated inside the tube.

Another method is to use a Texas rig, where the hook is weedless and the point of the hook is hidden inside the tube jig. This allows you to fish the jig through heavy cover without getting snagged.

Tips and Techniques for Fishing with Tube Jigs

One of the key things to remember when fishing with tube jigs is to keep the rod tip high and use a slow, steady retrieve. This allows the jig to sink down into the strike zone and mimic the movements of a natural baitfish.

Another effective technique is to bounce the jig off the bottom, which can trigger a reaction bite from the bass.

To do this, simply cast the jig out and let it sink to the bottom, then slowly lift the rod tip and let the jig fall back down to the bottom.

Repeat this process until the jig is back at the boat.

One of the great things about tube jigs is that they can be fished in a variety of conditions, from clear water to stained water, and in both deep and shallow water.

They can also be fished around a variety of cover, including weeds, rocks, and brush piles.


Fishing with tube jigs is a versatile and effective technique for catching bass.

By choosing the right size and color, rigging the jig properly, and using the right techniques, you can greatly improve your success on the water.

With a little practice and patience, you'll be an expert at the art of bass fishing with tube jigs in no time.